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Your Key to Freedom

Quick and Easy Bail Bonds

Call A-2 Z Bail Bonds in Des Moines, IA today and let our bondsmen assist you through the bail process. We will work on your behalf to free your loved ones from jail with ease and confidentiality. For your convenience, bondsman assigned to Boone, Story, and Marshall counties.

We Provide Different Bonds Including:

  • Cash Bonds
  • Nationwide Bonds
  • State Bonds
Hand in jail - Bail Bonds Service in Des Moines, AI

Practice Your Right to Bail

No matter the reason for your loved one’s incarceration, as long as bail is granted by the court, we can help. Our bond agents can post bail for a variety of criminal offenses, ranging from traffic violations to drug-related cases. Call us at (515) 288-5656 to free your loved one as soon as possible.